Game Guide

Game Mode: The Sevea Forest

The Sevea Forest is the main arena of Rise of Master. With a team of 5 players against 5 other players, you have to destroy the adversary crystal and protect your. During your fight, you will have buildings, items, and freaks to help you (or kill you).

You have 65 seconds to choose your hero from the lobby, you can use the team chat to define the player's role and the lane.

Main rules:

  • You can not have the same hero twice in the team
  • You need to set up your hero tree
  • If a player has not locked a hero during the time allotted, all players will be ejected into the queue again.
Lanes and Sanctuaries


The Sevea Forest is divided into 3 main lanes. Each lane contains 1 barrack and 4 defensive towers per team. Many paths are walkable into the jungle where you can find diverse creatures. But you must be careful because there is no tower and your vision is reduced in the jungle.


Each team got his own sanctuary near the crystal base: it's the starting zone and the respawn point for the heroes. You can buy items from the vendor to improve your hero. Oponent team heroes can not go into the adversaries sanctuary, so you are safe here!



This is the most important structure, located on your base. You must protect it and try to destroy the opponent one. A crystal has 1000 life point and 100 defense point and it can be damaged only when there are no more friendly towers and barracks on the map.


There are 3 barracks into your base, one on each lane. Barracks spawn freaks in the lane, so you must protect them because if one is destroyed, that will divide by 2 the number of freaks on the lane. A barrack has 750 life point and 75 defense point, but it can only be attacked when there are no more friendly towers on the lane.


Towers will help you protect your lane and your base, they are defensive and deal a huge amount of damage, you do not want to rush the enemy tower alone... at least not at the start of the party. A tower has 500 life point, 75 defense point and can't be stunned.

Freaks are NPC that can not be controlled by a player. They spawn every 1 minute on each lane. They will follow their lane until they died or they reach the crystal. There are two different freaks in the game: the undead warriors that dealing melee damage and the undead necromancers that dealing ranged magical damage. They will attacks all enemy buildings, monsters or heroes on their path.
Bonus and random events
There are some chests spawning randomly in the Sevea Forest. Opening chests will give you some gold and a bonus for your hero. Some heroes have the ability to reveal chests near them on the minimap.

You can buy items from your team vendor located in your sanctuary. You will find consumables or items that improve your hero stats. The gold you win and the price of items are fixed by the type of battleground.

These items are really important in the game: it gives you an important upgrade of your damage, defense, life or healing power ...