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Rise of Master

Rise of Master is a free to play MOBA game in a fantasy universe. Choose your hero and fight with your team for the victory by defeating your opponents in different battlegrounds.


Heroes are complementary to each others in the battleground: with their skills and their types, some heros' combinations work more than others.

They got a unique gameplay style: from the damage dealer, tank or healer, you can be whatever you want to be in the game!

During a game, you can up your hero to the level 16 maximum. Each time you win a level, your stats will be improved and you will earn 1 skill point. You can use this skill point to level up a skill. Each skill can be upgraded to the level 4 maximum.

Game progression and new heroes

At your start in RoM, you have a set of heroes attached to your account. You will need to unlock new heroes by winning rubies after playing your parties that you can exchange for new heroes or skins.

Heroes level up

More information about the heroes progression/level will be revealed soon.

Game modes

Discover the different game modes of Rise of Master.

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