Weekly review #1

Posted by vince - 2018-11-26 02:31:49

For the first weekly review, we will talk about the game launcher. For us, it was an important part because it will update and manage your game. At this time, two functionalities are available: the game update and the self-update.

Launcher Update

Each time you start the launcher, it will check with the server if the client has the last version. Otherwise, a popup will appear to tell the player he can download the update. Currently, the entire launcher is included in all update downloads but for the future: players will download only the updates. To prevent problems, the launcher will be closed before an update and a small updater programme will unzip and update modified files.

Play game and update

The game can be managed easily by the user. If it's not set up yet, a button "Install" will appear on the bottom of the interface. The game will be downloaded, verified, and installed on the same folder as the launcher.

If an update is available: the button will be "Update". The update will be downloaded, verified and applied on the same folder as the game is installed.

At last, if the game is available to play, a "Play!" button will appear on the interface. This button just launches the game.

Future of the launcher

We do have a roadmap for the launcher: here is the list of the changes that will be included on the next updates.

  • Improvement of the general design
  • The user can set game settings: screen size; windowed; graphics settings; etc
  • Display game news or maintenances
  • Add an "Offline" button if the game is not available
  • Progressive updates: avoid the whole game re-downloaded after each update

Another point: we will introduce the account login on the launcher. But for now, we don't know if it would be added in the future.

That was for the next upgrades. We plan to allow the download of the launcher next month so you could test by yourself :-)

For the next weekly review, we will talk about the game and the first heroes! Oh, and if you have any suggestions or questions about this, just send me an email or drop a message on Discord.