Weekly review #2 : heroes overview!

Posted by vince - 2018-12-04 03:22:39

For this second weekly review, we will talk about our progress on the game. Currently, we have worked hard on the lobby but it's still a work in progress and we also have worked on the base of the game. We still had plenty of bugs and improvements to resolve, but we are happy for the work done up until now. Yesterday, we pushed the version 0.0.5 of the game for internal review.


Currently, two heroes are playable on Rise of Master (skills can still change). Feel free to ping me on Discord if you have any idea for the heroes’name :-).


The Ogre is a tank hero. He is mono-target and can stun others characters with his A and can pull an enemy with his lasso skill (W) which can be good in team fight. He can do big damages with the E ability which hits the target 3 times. Also, his R is a buff for him and his allies close to him: this buff improves damage and reduces damage received. He is not so good versus range heroes because he can't move so fast.  


The demon is a range, damage-dealer hero. His A will hit with his Whip to deal damage on a target (it's a mid-range skill). He can fly away from the battle with is W: that makes him immune and it significantly increases his movement speed. He can fire a laser who deal damage to all enemies on the path with his E. Also his R cast a fire tornado who deal damage every second to all enemies in the zone. He is not very good versus hard dps heroes. 

New systems

The base will now increase the regen of life and mana. Players can go back with the recall skill.

Even if it's not the final interface, we have made some changes on it. The gold amount is now on the left bottom bar and we pulled the chat to the left of the screen instead of the center and the minimap is on the left screen, as you can see on the screenshots.


This week will be mostly bug fixes and improvements for the game. We plan to improve a bit the lobby too (add a chat, timer to select the hero, show to all players the heroes chosen by others).

If you have any suggestions or any questions, don't hesitate to ping me on Discord or by email.