Large launcher update: 0.1.0

Posted by vince - 2019-03-04 03:07:41

Last week we worked on the launcher to improve it (2 months after the previous update).  We created a new design: easier to use and with an updated header image. We also improved the code to prevent some bugs and increase the speed of some actions.

The design of the buttons is improved on the launcher self-update.


On the main screen, the launcher will now display the latest news to keep you updated about Rise of Master. The design is still simple: one button at the bottom of the interface to launch, download or update the game.


We did a huge work on the game installation and update too. The process of installing the game will now be launched on the background: so it will be fully transparent for you. We also did some bugfixes to prevent some launcher crash while checking the game version or when installing the game.


For the next releases, we are going to improve the design and add new functionalities. If you want to help us with it, you can now download the launcher and leave us your comments about it on the forum.